About Us

What We’re Doing

The Mission

Our team is a product of The Happy Tooth Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit that relentlessly pursues opportunities for youth to live healthy, active lifestyles.The goal of our team is to use our athletic platform to raise awareness surrounding the millions of children who battle hunger on a daily basis. But we don’t want to just talk about the problem – we want to do something. And we want to start in the very communities where we live and race. Rather than brining attention to ourselves at races, we want to bring attention to these wonderful organizations and become the boots on the ground spreading their message. While our riders are tearing up the race course, we will simultaneously be hosting events on site that will allow the crowd to become interactive participants and donate to the mission. All funds that we generate at races will be given to the organization we partner with in that city. We hope that in doing so we can create a widespread impact that ripples throughout the country.  

Get in Touch

Interested in having us partner with your organization? Contact laura.jorgensen@thehappytoothfoundation.org.

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